Dec 8, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas (33) rushes the ball against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the fourth quarter at Heinz Field. The Miami Dolphins won 34-28. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins rumors: Daniel Thomas may get cut in training camp

The Miami Dolphins went out and signed Knowshown Moreno to a less than spectacular deal, as the depressed running back market has led to big names getting little money and not a whole lot of guaranteed with new teams. But while Moreno is under contract and guaranteed a roster spot for the 2014 season, the same cannot be said about former No. 2 back Daniel Thomas.

It wasn’t long ago that the Dolphins were banking on Thomas at least becoming one half of a powerful tandem in the backfield, if not the starter. But after Lamar Miller secured a starting job in 2013, it’s been downhill for Thomas since. The arrival of Moreno means that Thomas will have to be fighting for his roster spot this offseason and could result in a lost roster spot.


Most likely, Miami would have to choose between Thomas and Gillislee. Thomas is a former draft bust who never lived up to his potential. He was a second-round pick by former Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland in 2011. But Thomas’ career high is 581 rushing yards during his rookie year.

It’s not a guaranteed that Thomas will be cut this summer, but it’s a distinct possibility. While he’s shown flashes in the past, he’s being forced out by better backs in Miami and the depressed market doesn’t bode well for him finding another job quickly if released.

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  • Johnny

    Really??? Well, Thomas may be cut.. Well, Gillislee may be cut… This is a numbers game.. Don’t forget Thomas and Gillislee are cheap, both on rookie contracts.. Thomas is getting alittle more because if his draft position… BUT… Thigpen will be the one who will get cut… All Miami has to do is find a decent punt returner and KO returner (with basically KO returners are not a big thing with so many touchback now).
    It will be Thiggy… I’m sure there will be a RB competition between Moreno, Miller, and Thomas (maybe even Gilliislee.. But there will also be a ST returner competition.. And if someone is even close to Thiggy, then Thiggy will be cut…

    • Pygskyn

      I agree with you for the most part. The thing is, yes, Thomas is dirt cheap for us, but even at dirt cheap, he has been a colossal bust. Even cheap garbage should be taken to the curb if it’s stinking up the house.

      Thiggy really needs… something. We have seen his potnetial, the kid has a high ceiling in the return game and on the rare moments he has been on the field on offense, he has shown some flashes. He needs a fire lit under him, but I’m not ready to give up on Thiggy yet, but with the current powers that be, who knows what the heck they will end up deciding to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut him, but that wouldn’t be my move personally.

      • Johnny

        Thomas does show some flashes… Especially with that long run vs Steelers in the snow.. Basically won the game for us…
        But I don’t like tall RBs (like Thomas).. They have a tendency to fumble a lot…

        • Pygskyn

          Thing is, those flashes from Thomas are really nothing that the other three couldn’t do. When I think of that run vs the Steelers I think about that crushing lead block that Pouncy unleashed was the real impressive part of the play. (Although it was a pretty slick move by Thomas to buy those extra 5-10 yards with the cutback at the end of the run)

          And you bring up great point about Butterfingers McFumbleski. I’d rather have a guy that runs for half a yard less per carry and holds on to the ball than one that has a history of fumbleitis like Thomas.

          Point being, Thomas actively makes the team worse. I would rather have only 10 guys on the field than have Thomas getting the rock.

          • Johnny

            Well.. It’s a numbers game.. Pretty sure Miller, Moreno, and probably Gillislee (cause he’s only going into year 2) are safe…
            Thomas could be safe if they can find a punt returner.. Then Thiggy will be cut..

          • Pygskyn

            I hope not. If Fumblina’s butterfingers are still on the roster at the start of the season, then that is a seriously worrying development. Eventually one would hope that the powers that be would realise that Thomas not only is worthless to this team, but is actively hurting it with his play. But with some of the moves we have seen in the past, I’m getting cynical enough to really think that maybe they can’t see even that obvious truth and that your prediction might end up being right. I’m hoping that our new GM is smart enough to see the obvious though.