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Raiders doing ‘background work’ on DeSean Jackson

Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson let the Oakland Raiders know he was interested in the team before he was released. The Raiders are reportedly doing their background work on Jackson before working on a deal to bring Jackson back to California and gauging the risk involved.

Jackson attended Cal-Berkley in the Bay Area and the Raiders could throw money at him, but the Washington Redskins are reportedly interested as well.


If follows reports that the Kansas City Chiefs are out of the running for Jackson, and it was suggested that the number of teams interested in Jackson could be dwindling.


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  • raidersfanbob

    Come on Reggie, sign him!!! I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to create a contract that could be voided if Djax were to do something detrimental to the team. Having such a contract probably isn’t even necessary as he has a clean record. Besides, you gave that POS McClain a chance when he was actually in trouble with the law.

  • Chris Schroeder

    Yeah maybe teams are dwindling because they believe all the hype. But you know what they say “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. I see the only reason for him going to Washington is for payback against the Eagles having to play them twice a year, other than that why would anybody choose Washington over a storied franchise like the Raiders on the cusp of getting back to the glory days. I mean seriously, their head coach looks like the mascot. They’ve got #RG3NOUT hobbling around hoping he doesn’t blows his knee out again. What other possible reason would entice him to go to the Washington Redskins other than revenge. He needs to think about the flipside to that coin. What if the Eagles beat the Redskins twice with him on the team, That would eat away at his core, if his motivation is revenge.

    Now, if he wants to be a number one receiver wearing the silver and black that he grew up rooting for in an area that he represents, with the most powerful Fanbase in the world currently blowing up #DJaxtoOakland all over Twitter, where he can make a legitimate name for himself with THE most Storied franchise in the world and be a key part of the process getting his childhood team back to the glory days. Well, then he needs to stop messing around with the idea of teams like “Washington” and just come home where he belongs.

  • joe VICE

    It should be a no brainer, because no matter how far deep you dig into his background, you’ll clearly see that he managed to stay out of trouble. I live in the same neighborhood where he grew up, and whenever he comes to visit he’s always good and involved with the community and always donating. He’s a great guy and that’s pretty rare, considering where he grew up. Let’s go Raiders!!

  • Rob Jimenez

    Come on home D Jack (home boy)