Mar 23, 2014; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings guard Isaiah Thomas (22) drives in against Milwaukee Bucks forward Chris Wright (15) during the fourth quarter at Sleep Train Arena. The Sacramento Kings defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 124-107. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L

NBA Rumors: Isaiah Thomas wants to stay with Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings’ point guard Isaiah Thomas has been quite the find for the Kings.

They drafted Thomas with one of the last picks in the 2011 NBA Draft, 60th overall, and the former Washington Huskies’ standout has turned into a very good player.

In the offseason, Thomas will become a restricted free agent and will likely be looking to cash in on his success.

Thomas has expressed his love for the Los Angeles Lakers lately, but has told reporters he would like to remain with the Kings.

“I definitely want to be around when it does turn around,” Thomas said via Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee. “I was drafted here. I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the Sacramento community. It just feels like a second home. I can’t control it, though. At the same time, I’m going to do whatever’s possible to be around. That’s all I can do.”

Thomas has missed the last three games with a quad injury, but is putting together another excellent season. The 25-year old is averaging 20.7 points, 6.4 assists, 3.0 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game.


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  • dont

    I love IT, rudy, and boogie not only as a kings fan but as a basketball fan..I followed IT and boogie throughout college..I just dont think it will work with all 3 on the same team, at least not with IT starting.

    • Todd Dobbins

      Well that’s because you’re an idiot and don’t see talent when it slaps you in the face. Negative idiot kings fans and media like you are probably why we will lose him to free agency. Just keep your mouth shut and let people who actually know something about basketball talk.

      • dont

        Naw just retarded Kings fans like you always have false hope for playoffs at the beginning of every year. then around december/janurary you realize its not happening.IT is a shoot first PG. hes not looking to set his guys up he wants to score and when he realizes he cant make a basket then he passes probably didnt even know about IT before we had him!!!!!!!i told EVERYBODY when we drafted him, that Isaiah Thomas will outplay Jimmer, and most Kings/basketball fans thought we just had an extra undersized scrub and made fun of me for making that comment .. hes good but not a good fit for what the Kings are trying to do, which is the reason he will be gone, if not benched and well get something just as great if not better back.

        • Galzu

          I agree, people’s expectations are high, but what is troubling about sacramento fans is how they fall in love with mediocre talent like Jimmer or Jason Thompson just because they are Kings. They will call you a negative idiot kings fan if you don’t love and adore second tier players or you want say, a pass first PG. I was banned from STR for saying the kings need a pass first PG. it’s getting to ridiculous levels of fanboydom with IT, he is a 6th man….everyone in the league says this….why can’t kings fans face the truth about our players. We have nearly the worst record in the NBA, which means that any REAL fan should demand a better product, not be a fanboy for bench warmer talent….

          • dont

            Couldnt have put it any better myself..also if we had a pass first PG I guarantee Ben would be putting up better numbers than he is

      • dont

        Hes on his way out, you know what I said was right thats why you came back crying and replied to a comment from 3 months ago…all the point guards you listed are well above thomas’ s level…your saying let the knowledgeable people talk, well our organization is prepared to let him go now, so whats that telling you?

      • dont

        And BTW, ALL of the point gaurds you listed have been critisized for not passing enough…do you even watch NBA? Cause the way your talking I can tell you dont watch any and just talk out your bootyhole

      • dont

        And also like I said before, kings fans like you didnt even know who he was when we drafted him cause you idiots were caught up in the jimmer hype.i followed the kid throughout college.and you said nobody critisizes Westbrook? Come on man, the whole world knows if Westbrook didnt shoot so many shots, OKC coulda been champions by now.i used to think all kings fans were cool and somewhat intellegent till I saw the stuff you wrote

  • David Echard

    I like IT, Gay, and Cuz. But, the Kings are not going to progress with these 3. They all need the ball to be effective and they are all high usage players. Talent alone does not win games. IT is great, but I am not sure he’s the right fit moving forward. I don’t get too enamored with IT’s numbers. Winning is more important. IT is worthy of being a starter in this league, but on a different team.

  • dont

    Lol it was only his rookie year…look at james hardens numbers from his rookie year..theyre almost similiar to Bens..why are you responding to comments from 20 years ago?

  • dont

    Thats another problem I have with my own “kings fans,” we draft a player, and you guys expect him to be putting up 20 points a game already in his rookie season.

  • dont

    Take a hint little man, we had the 2nd highest scoring “big 3″ next to miami with Gay, DMC, and IT, but yet were still bottom feeders..something needs to change, the ball movement has been HORRIFIC for the last few years. All they do is isolate and try to play one on one basketball..something needs to change and im glad it started with IT

  • dont

    Besides, hows he supposed to sink a shot when his point guards hogging the ball?IT never properly set him up for any shots. The only time ben touched the ball is when IT got trapped and couldnt make a move lol…its pretty obvious that you don’t even watch any kings games cause if you did, you would know that IT does HORRIBLE against top tier point guards like CP3, Westbrook, Parker,Curry, Lillard etc..all those guys always PUNK him.he only has good games when the team hes against has a scrub for a point guard.

  • dont

    kevin martin also shot 38% and averaged 10 points his rookie year. 20% from the 3 point line…and we all know how great a scorer he ended up i said, kings fans have to stop having high expectations from our rookies..give them time!!!!!!your just a dumbass LITTLE PREETEEN