Dec 29, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) passes against the Tennessee Titans during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Matt Schaub would 'love to see' DeSean Jackson join Oakland Raiders

Although DeSean Jackson is reportedly meeting with the Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub has a message for the eccentric wideout: come to Oakland.

Jackson, after being released by the Philadelphia Eagles last week, has drawn heavy interest from around the league – including the Raiders who are thought to be one of the favorites to sign the wide receiver.

And knowing what a talented wideout like Jackson could do for a quarterback, Schaub is all in in regards to Jackson coming to Oakland, suggesting he would ‘love to see’ him in silver and black.

“I’d love to see (DeSean Jackson) out there,” Schaub said Monday on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “He’s a phenomenal talent, a great player. The times I’ve been around him, a great guy. “I think he can add a lot to any team, especially ours in Oakland and really think he can a big help to what we’re trying to build and I’d love to have him at my disposal as a receiver.”

Between free agent addition James Jones and DeSean Jackson, the Raiders would have one of the more formidable starting wide receiver combinations in the league.

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  • Big Mike

    Oh yea smart idea. Send this guy to crip nation! Lmao!!

  • Maconslab

    With the possibility of DJ coming to Oakland MS has to be slobbing at the mouth right now. With that being said it makes even more sense to keep TP on the roster and allow him to sit behind a proven vet. It’s not like his contact command a lot. With all the weapons the improvement of the O line and defense you can afford to give h a second chance. Keep MG too, make the job competitive and you will get the absolute best out of all the players in question. My best bet is that DA and RM will get rid of him because they are scared that another one their guys will be beat out by one of Al’s guys which would infuriate this regime. Remember, as far QB’s go,RM is 0-2 as far as picking good QB talent.#TWilsonandMFlynn

    • Don

      The only problem is TP wants out, would you keep a unhappy employee around?

      • Maconslab

        The present regime has made it clear that they don’t want any if Al’s guys. They have named MS the sole starter and he hasn’t taken a snap. They doing the same thing they did with they did with MF,remember, TP didn’t get the job until the fourth game of the preseason. Then we also forget that TP played injured also but that is long forgotten. Would you be happy if you went through all this just for the head people to say they want to trade you . They brought the trade talks first not TP. All I’m saying is the guy is a beast has a cannon for an arm and runs like a spooked deer!!! Sound like a lot of the winning QB teams San Fran Seattle. Y can’t they just take a chance on TP.

        • Chris

          They have never indicated with words OR actions that “they don’t want Al’s guys”. To go against Al would be to go against Raider Nation. Do you honestly think that’s the plan? IF so then why is Charles Woodson back? Al’s number one (4th overall pick) in the 1998 draft. Why is Kevin Boothe back? Or did you even know Al drafted those guys 8+ years ago? How about Reece? And D. Moore, Wiz, McFadden, Chekwa, Ausberry, Taiwan Jones and Tyvon Branch? Not only have they recently resigned a number of those guys (who were all drafted by Al) but they have actually brought back a few of his former draftees who have since left the team. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Maconslab

            When I speak of of Al’s guys I’m a speaking of a draft pick that only Al could see the potential in. You could agree with me on that if you truly understood Al. This my opinion. It is not for you to agree or disagree. Furthermore, check the NFL power rankings and you will find that MS is only three or four spots ahead of Pryor. TP had a reason for being bad.MS didn’t. And I didn’t say the regime is evil you say that all I said was they should keep TP around to develop him. So far RM has done a great job this offseason. DA hasn’t live up to the hype but we will really see what he’s made of this year.

    • Chris

      What are you talking about? Think about what you are saying. Do you honestly think Reggie is “scared” that Pryor will beat out Schaub? I mean I would love to see Pryor stay, but what your implying is just ridiculous, Schaub is obviously the better passer. And the notion that Dennis and Reggie would be infuriated by Pryor beating out Schaub for the job JUST because he was “Al’s guy” is a preposterous accusation. That would be pretty damn petty, and that is something Reggie is not. And are you forgetting that Al’s SON Marc Davis owns the team and that “Commitment to Excellence” is Al’s motto, and that all the players and staff here are working and rebuilding for the SOLE purpose to bring that back? You make this “Regime” seem evil, are you really that blind? They aren’t trying to erase Al’s legacy, and Marc would never let that happen. On the contrary… They are trying to ensure that their names go down in history WITH it. Open your eyes man. RN4L

      • Maconslab

        Erase Al’s legacy where did u get that from out of what I said!!! Your putting words in my mouth!!! The term scared as I used it meant that didn’t want a QB controversy. Please believe it can happen. I just want to see this franchise move forward that all.

  • Chris Schroeder

    Dear Fansided, there seems to occasionally be something nasty that sneaks its way into these comment post and tries to fill it full of stupid chatter I.e. Big Mike.

    I’m not sure what type of virus or germ that is but could you please set up some sort of parameters to keep these infestations out. We would like to keep the Raider comments reserved for intelligent humans and it’s kind of hard to do with all this mindless/irrelevant chatter.

    Thank you!

    • Maconslab

      Well said!!!!

  • Mark Shafer