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Eric Decker pays Jeff Cumberland $25,000 for No. 87 jersey

When Eric Decker signed with the New York Jets, one of the questions fans wanted answered was what jersey number he’d wear since the number he wore while with the Broncos was already in use. Tight end Jeff Cumberland was already wearing the No. 87 jersey for the Jets and he wasn’t about to give it up to Decker for nothing.

As a result, Decker is treating Cumberland to a steak dinner and $25,000 to take the number off of his hands.

That’s probably the most expensive steak dinner that Decker will ever have to pay for and that doesn’t even cut into the $25, 000 he still owes Cumberland afterwords.

Decker has only every worn the No. 87 while he has been a professional wide receiver and there was some doubt as to whether or not he’d be able to wear it in New York. But now that the jersey situation has been handled, Decker can refocus his attention on trying to help the Jets score touchdowns as the only 7′s that fans want to see is the one on the back of Decker’s jersey while he puts one up on the scoreboard.

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