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Houston Astros give Derek Jeter golf clubs, cowboy hat and cowboy boots (Photo)

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There was a lot of pressure on the Houston Astros. As the first team to give New York Yankees’ shortstop Derek Jeter a farewell present, they are the ones to set the bar for Jeter and for the other teams that will honor Jeter between now and the end of the season.

So how did they do setting said bar? They did…fine. They certainly didn’t ruin it for everybody else, I don’t think.

I suppose one should give the Astros credit for the fact that these are specific to Houston. And perhaps Jeter will look upon the hate and boots fondly because of his friendship with Houston boy Andy Pettitte.

As a point of clarification, sources say that the Astros do not expect Jeter to wear the Stetson cowboy hat and custom cowboy boots while using the golf clubs. Had that been the expectation, this gift would have been far less enjoyable for the Captain, presumably.

And so the farewell tour starts…

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