Dec 29, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) passes against the Tennessee Titans during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Maurice Jones-Drew says Matt Schaub can lead the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl

In 2014, the Oakland Raiders are going to have a little different look to them in the backfield with two offseason acquisitions that were made. Matt Schaub, whom the team acquired in a trade with the Houston Texans will be under center, while Maurice Jones-Drew, whom the team acquired via free agency, will be splitting time with Darren McFadden in the backfield.

Now when Jones-Drew signed, there were some people that criticized his decision to make the move out to Oakland, but he seems rather confident about it. In fact, he’s so confident in how well this offense can perform that he believes Schaub is the man that can lead the Raiders to a Super Bowl.

“You can definitely (make the Super Bowlwith Matt Schaub at quarterback),” Jones-Drew said when asked about the quarterback. “(Schaub) has something to prove this year….I know Matt Schaub is a guy who can lead us.”

Jones-Drew also went on to say that the team is in a “win now” mode, meaning that the mentality of the team for 2014 is Super Bowl or bust.

Whether or not the arm of Schaub can get them there remains to be proven, but his new backfield mate has all the faith in the world in him, apparently.

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  • Paul J. Lorona

    Really big talk… Time to put up or shut up. Raiders4life…

  • trinity

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Lol MJD has already gotten started on cali’s finest pot. He’s got to be high if he truly believes that the raiders can get to the super bowl. LMAO!

    • Brian Huth

      Any given day, trinity, any given day. Now go troll somewhere else.

      • trinity

        You call it trolling, I call it reality lol. I commented on this, because when I saw the headline it made me laugh out loud. The raiders have no chance at a superbowl. Lol it’s laughable to even suggest it.

        • Angel

          Not saying Raiders will make it to the play offs. Maybe wild card can be a real goal. But, I guarantee you don’t know who’s going to be IN the Superbowl. No one does. You can watch all the nfl network you want and look at the Vegas odds. And you still won’t know. You’re laughing and not reppin a team. Where’s your team at hater? ? You a Hawks fan? If not blow me and Raider Nation. . Idiot

          • trinity

            Lmao! Are you finished with your little speech? Um, I don’t know what you’re into, but I don’t swing that way so I will not be blowing you lol. Now, back to football….Vegas odds? That’s nothing to do with anything. Very simply, I have eyes. Lol and my eyes say that the raiders barely resemble a real nfl team, much less a playoff contender. Adding a bunch of aging veterans on their last leg will not get it done. Face reality. They will be in the basement of the division once again, and the laughingstock of the league as always lol. Watch :)

        • KloverJane

          Do you have to inform people when you move into a new neighborhood?

          • trinity


  • PK

    It’s good to have players like this around now there hasn’t been chatter like this from players in a long time. Part of winning if confidence. This will trickle down to the younger players and new draft picks. It’s nice to have players stepping up and wanting to be leaders. We other or not they are high hopes. Believing and bestowing confidence is how you get into the platoffs

  • Shane Schilperoort

    Confidence breeds dominance!

    • KloverJane

      Suspicion breeds confidence. Lol