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Buffalo Bills Announce New Controlling Owner

A little over a week after Buffalo Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson passed away at the age of 95, the team has announced who will be the new controlling owner of the organization.

Mary Wilson, the wife of the late team founder and owner, is now the controlling owner of the franchise.

The Wilson family is still unlikely to hold on to the team for much longer, and current President and CEO Russ Brandon will remain the person calling the shots for the organization as the Bills slowly begin the process of a sale in the next few years. Mary Wilson will just be the one signing the checks for the time being.

“I have complete confidence in Russ Brandon, our President and CEO, to continue his duties of running the organization,” Wilson said via the team’s website. “General Manager Doug Whaley and Head Coach Doug Marrone remain empowered by Russ to run the football operation.”

The Bills added in the statement: “A process will be established at an appropriate time for the sale of the franchise. This process will ensure that the club complies and is faithful to NFL rules and to its obligations to New York State and Erie County. We plan to have detailed discussions with the NFL, the state and county and others as we determine the timing and structure of any sales process.”


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