May 21, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with tight end Jason Witten (82) during organized team activities at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys TE Jason Witten says Tony Romo to be ‘better than ever’ in 2014

What’s the old saying…hope springs eternal? That may not be how many Dallas Cowboys fans (or haters) feel about quarterback Tony Romo, but tight end Jason Witten is just the epitome of that cliche.

After stating last month that he was sure that Romo “understands the urgency to win now”, he has backed up that belief in his quarterback by boosting the much-maligned QB even further.

According to, Witten was on hand at Texas Motor Speedway Sunday to watch the race and drive the pace car for the Duck Commander 500, when he talked about Romo’s future with the team after his offseason back surgery.

“I think he’s moving good,” Witten said. “He’s right on track to come back better than ever I assume.”

Better than ever? Kind of a broad brush, and in some respects, hard to imagine.

Romo puts up some ungodly numbers in the regular season, and some of them would be hard to top. As for his failures to lead the team to victory when needed, the jury is still out whether it falls more on Romo or on bungling teammates or poor play-calling.

Witten is one of Romo’s favorite targets, so it only makes sense that he would try to make sure that Romo believes he has confidence in him.

What do you think, is the string of current 8-8 seasons and final game implosions more on Romo, or is there a bigger problem?  Comment below and talk to us.

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  • BaMBaM

    I know that no QB has ever won a football game all by himself. I also know there has never been a QB who lost a football game all by himself.

  • NYCowboysFan

    Anyone who blames just Romo, is an idiot.

    • Scott.

      Agree. They parade their lack of football and cowboy knowledge if they do.

  • Earl Robertson

    Romo seems to be snake bit because bad things happen to him at the worse times. However he pretty much the only reason why cowboys were close to making the playoffs. The main problem is Garrett not knowing how to manage games, the disunity on play calling we saw last year, not being able to run because of a few reasons, and terrible defense is reason they miss playoffs the last three years.

  • trinity

    The jury is not still out on Romo. The guy is what he is. It’s not all on him, but he plays a big role in the cowboys being a mediocre team. Nobody can deny his talent, just like nobody can deny his epic failures.