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Major League Baseball executive wants games shortened to 7 innings

Baseball is no longer our national pastime as the NFL has overtaken Major League Baseball as the length of baseball games continues to go beyond three hours and the age of fans get older and older.

So how does baseball fix this issue?

One anonymous MLB executive spoke with ESPN’s Buster Olney ($)to give his pitch on attracting a younger audience while shortening games in a revolutionary idea that is sure to draw some hearty laughs and maybe even a few raised eyebrows.

“I think they ought to change the games to seven innings,” he said.

Changing the entire fabric in which a game is played is certainly revolutionary if not pure lunacy, but it obviously would shorten games which falls in line with the younger generation who is used to instant gratification and something happening every few seconds.

The other benefit would mean that pitchers would not be requited to throw as many innings and could prevent some of the season-ending injuries to pitchers and cut down on the Tommy John operations.

“Fewer innings would mean that teams would require less pitching. Fewer pitchers to throw fewer innings would mean fewer injuries,” the MLB exec tells Olney.

I don’t think this has any chance of ever happening, but what are your thoughts on this revolutionary concept that would radically change the game that many of us grew up watching and playing?

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    Interesting concept, but it will NEVER happen.