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UConn fans riot, start fires in Storrs after national championship win (Video)

The UConn Huskies won the national championship on Monday night, completing an improbable run from a first-round win over St. Joe’s, through an upset Final Four win over the Florida Gators to finally a stunning victory over the Kentucky Wildcats.

But you could tell that the Huskies won the national championship not from the CBS coverage of the game or the highlights on ESPN. Rather, things were lit on fire back home in Storrs as UConn fans watching the game on campus did the only thing fans who just watched their favorite team win a championship know what to do — they rioted in the streets.

Warning: drunk college kids yelling NSFW language in the footage below:

It wasn’t long ago that we saw rioting on campuses in March Madness as fans of Arizona infamously rioted and got pelted with bean bags and other materials by riot police as a result. That was over an Elite Eight loss to Wisconsin, while the Huskies fans rioting on Monday night into Tuesday morning was more of a happy riot.

It was a riot nonetheless though, and while fans were happy pillaging their own campus out of joy, somewhere Derek the RA was having a very bad night.

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