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Bengals will place more emphasis on the run game, help Andy Dalton

The Cincinnati Bengals came up short again last season but they’ve got a new plan with a new offensive coordinator in Hue Jackson. His plan to help the Bengals get over the hump, and help quarterback Andy Dalton succeed, is dedicating themselves to the run game.

“You have to have the threat of running the ball and the threat of being a physical unit in order to last for the duration of the season,” Jackson said during an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Wednesday morning, via ESPN.

But Jackson said Dalton has the ability to be successful.

“The key to being a quarterback in the National Football League No. 1 is winning, and he has that trait,” Jackson said. “No. 2 is being able to win the big games. Obviously, that’s the hump that we’re trying to get over.

“The guy has the makeup to do it. What I’ve got to do is just continue to push, prod, pull, motivate, support him and the rest of this offensive unit, and then we’ve got to pick up the pieces everywhere else to give him a chance to do his job. If we do that, this young man will be right where he needs to be.”


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