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DeSean Jackson reportedly skipped exit interview with Eagles coach Chip Kelly

The Philadelphia Eagles released wide receiver DeSean Jackson amid allegations of gang connections. Those allegations might have had nothing to do with his release though, and a report from CBS Philadelphia says that Jackson blew off his end-of-season exit interview with head coach Chip Kelly.

From CBS Philadelphia:

It seems as if DeSean Jackson never really embraced Chip Kelly’s innovative sports science system, nor Kelly himself, according to a number of sources. Whereas everyone else appeared to buy into what Kelly was preaching, Jackson at times wasn’t in lockstep with the group. The two always seemed to be at odds with each other.

Jackson topped off his career-breaking season by blowing off Kelly for his exit interview, possibly the only Eagle to do so, according to several sources.

The report also goes on to say that Jackson lost his father and then another fatherly figure in Andy Reid when he was fired and could have played a role in his rebellion and resistance to buy into Kelly’s system. For Kelly’s part he was trying to get a 4-12 team into the playoffs and didn’t have time to nurture and forge a bond with Jackson.

Jackson skipping the exit interview was the final straw and both teams decided to move on.

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