Feb 18, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Miami Heat center Greg Oden (20) warms up before the game against the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Miami Heat center Greg Oden likely out for season

Few stories were more heart warming in the NBA this season than watching Greg Oden take the court for the Miami Heat. Sure, he ended up coat tailing by picking the Heat for less money – but the Heat did have a need for a big man, so it was a justified signing.

The oft-injured big man even saw some rather significant playing time (considering he hadn’t graced an NBA court in a few years), at times pushing fifteen minutes a game.

But Oden’s health issues have haunted him again as it’s believed that the former Ohio State star is likely out for the season according to Brian Windhorst.

“I don’t think Greg Oden is going to play the rest of the seaosn to be honest. I think Roy Hibbert broke him,” @WindhorstESPN on 1070.

The Heat didn’t sign Oden with the intention of being a difference maker in the regular season, but knowing a playoff matchup with the Indiana Pacers was very likely, the hope was that Oden would be able to assist in covering a player like the previously mentioned Roy Hibbert.

There’s a little confusion as to if Oden would be able to play in the playoffs, but given he hasn’t seen the court since March 26th, that appears questionable at the current moment.

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  • Kush

    I do not think that Roy Hibbert broke Oden he came and did what he was ask only thing that gave him trouble was the lack of help that the Heat did not give him once he gotten beat on the base line but of course this has been going on all season and to add coach not playing him enough it really looks like the Heat was trying to break him they pass up games that he could have played and then just threw him in and ask his to do something collectively that the Heat could not do as a team and quite frankly just pulled the chair right from under him that Man is hungry not just for a Championship but to prove he can still play the game.

    • marsh025

      I agree totally with you.
      Spo really did G.O. a disservice. It’s like Spo could not wait for the first sign of failure from G.O. to pull the plug on him. I don’t know why they went through all of that effort to bring the guy in if he (Spo) didn’t have any real plan for him.
      G.O. was never put in a position to succeed. Whenever he played, the ball never went to him. Everyone knows you reward the big man for running up and down the floor. G.O. would go for five or six straight trips up and down the floor with not one post play called for him or even a dump off.
      Spo had him out there trapping at the three point line and running back to cover the basket. a total misuse of the guy.
      Our lack of preparing G.O. for the post season will come back to haunt us. we’re freaking relying on a 6’8″ center to carry us when we had already found out earlier that that wouldn’t be enough with big teams.
      Spo is so fixated on spacing and small ball and trapping etc that he thinks the best players in the world can’t adjust to having a real center.
      So frustrating. if we fail, this has to be the reason Spo gets fired. It has to be.

      • Moss

        If you’re gonna say that, then you have to give Spo credit for getting to the finals 3 years in a row…

  • 263967

    Greg’s a Glass Giant… A little girl in a mans body, remember us Portland folks are the reason that this lush didn’t succeed here in Portland right?!?!Miami couldn’t keep him on the court either, he will be the reason the heat fail, you needed a CENTER.. Bad pick up, now the eggs on your front running faces but hey that’s how you all roll right King James??? Awesome news