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NFL Draft Rumors: Jacksonville Jaguars considering Jake Matthews at No. 3 overall

The NFL Draft is just around the corner and teams are starting to determine which draft strategy is the best strategy for them to follow. When it comes to the Jacksonville Jaguars, trading the No. 3 overall pick remains a very real option but they’re also considering one of the top prospects from Texas A&M with their first pick.

No, it’s not Johnny Manziel or Mike Evans, rather it’s offensive tackle Jake Matthews.

It’s an interesting choice for the Jaguars as they took an offensive tackle last year in Luke Joeckel and pairing him with Matthews would form a very intriguing offensive line. There’s no saying it would work but there’s definitely chemistry with Joeckel and Matthews given they played on the same line in college and transitioning that to the NFL could pay off big.

Of course, anything is possible at this point including the Jaguars trading their pick and moving down. Although, Matthews isn’t a top prospect like Sammy Watkins or Jadeveon Clowney are which means if Matthews is on the Jaguars radar, they may be able to move dow and still et him.

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