Nov 23, 2013; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) prior to kickoff of a game against the LSU Tigers at Tiger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft Rumors: Oakland Raiders comparing Johnny Manziel to Terrelle Pryor

The Oakland Raiders have the fifth pick in the draft and it’s starting to look like they’ll have the opportunity to draft Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel when they go on the clock this May. But while Manziel remains one of the most interesting prospects in the draft this year, he may not be the top pick he was being projected as when his hype was through the roof.

Raiders beat writer Vic Tafur noted recently that he believes Oakland is unlikely to draft Manziel if he’s available because the team may view him as too similar to Terrelle Pryor.

Per the San Francisco Chronicle:

Terrelle Pryor has a lot of those qualities, and he would make the Raiders coaches pull their hair out last season when he would ignore something they had game-planned for and improvise.
I am not saying Manizel is Pryor, but Raiders people have confirmed to me that comparison has been part of the process in evaluating Manziel.

While Manziel is an interesting pick, we all know how the Raiders think about Pryor and that’s not good news for Manziel. Perhaps maybe it is though as it may save him from going to Oakland which is known as a boneyard for quarterbacks young and old.

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  • Angel Becerra

    I still can’t see the Raiders picking a QB in the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd round. I believe they will add to their defense package with Mack followed by a wide receiver in the 2nd and OT in the 3rd.

    • MichaelJ

      If Mettenberger is available in the second, especially if they trade back in the first (don’t see it happening if Mack or Clowney or Watkins is available), there would have to be an incredible value pick to not pick him (Metteberger) up. And if Mettenberger or Jimmy G… Are available in the third, I really don’t see how they pass on either of them

  • dwayne

    Yea, it seems this regime has a problem with picking winners over losers. They chose McGloin over Pryor, and McGloin has proven that he’s not a winner.

    • Joe Perry

      Have you even paid attention to free agency, bud?

      • Big Mouse

        Tp was not given a chance to be the Qb of the future. Where ever he goes he will be a star!!

        • franziles

          He would’ve been traded by now if anybody had wanted him

    • DutchRaid

      Uh, he was an undrafted free agent. Stuck at 3rd string all thoughout camp. Pryor was entering his 3rd year, kinda hard to compare them equally? Why cannot McGloin develop, Pryor made huge strides his 2nd to 3rd year. Pryor’s play in the last game of the year was pretty disappointing, not the outcome, but it appeared like he regressed (footwork, doing Tebow like spins, etc.). I am not saying Pryor won’t be a successful QB in the right system in the future, but the Raiders have decided to move on.

      • Kevin Hubley

        At this point in time Pryor is still on the roster and I can see him still starting by week one. He beat everybody for the job last year and personally I think he is the best raiders qb since rich Gannon. By the way the last game Pryor got sent out to fail week 17. They should’ve put him out there when the cowboys were were kicking our assessment on thanksgiving or when the eagles made us look bad or the titans game or any game. Every game Pryor played was a close game with the exception of the chiefs game which wisniewski Barnes and valdeer were injured

        • Raiderman

          Pryor would be a great QB if he could actually throw the ball like a real QB he hasn’t improved since he was in college where all he did was run.

          • Kevin Hubley

            Its funny how when magloin misses passes its because we need a new wide receiver and build an o line but if tarrell Pryor misses passes its because he’s not a good passer. The fact is tarrell Pryor won games. When matt Flynn started he looked awful and couldn’t the ball out of his hands and the remains walked all over us. Magloin had one win and it was against the worst team in the league last season. Pryor beat the chargers the stealers and the jaguars. One of those teams was a playoff team and a division rival. The stealers were one win from being a playoff team as well and the jags still had a better record than the raiders and magloin had the offensive line come back mid season where Pryor played with the practice squad and players hired off bar stools

        • Zolaman

          Pryor should switch over to WR. His speed would be an instant asset. He is a natrual athlete and would love to see the ball in his hands several times a game.

    • James Tassey

      Mcgloin is soooooo much better at the qb position than Pryor will ever be!!!!

    • Howard Lewis

      I don’t know what games you have been watching but I saw a lot of promise in McGloin. Pete Carroll threaten to bench Russell Wilson three times last year. It’s all about playing time if the QB has the tools and fits the system.

  • Greg Hill

    Raiders are a mess. They haven’t had a qb in years. Good luck with schabb Mr. Pick Six. There’s a reason manning wanted to play in their div.

  • RaiderJohn

    The difference between TP & JM is JM can still be dangerous rolling out to his left and launching the football. In my opinion, the QB coach & OC failed to work on TP’s left side roll out throwing and developing plays to exploit defense funneling TP that way. Additionally, they lost trust in TP when he told them he was healthy for the Giants game when he wasn’t. I would be thrilled if the Raiders took Johnny Football if he was available at #5.


    Josh lends new meaning to grammar, doesn’t he?

  • Howard Lewis

    This no surprise, football 101, sometimes a zebra cannot change his stripes but no one jumps out as a viable candidate in this years draft.

  • erik

    Anything can happen id like a top passer over feet tho,grab the best available player it may be watkins he could be a tim brown for years that would make things better instantly but if theres a top three qb we may want them,sammy seems like a safe bet tho to me