Former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams. Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

Former NFL defensive tackle Anthony Adams hates the snow (video)

Exactly a year ago last month, I had the honor of interviewing former San Francisco 49ers/Chicago Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams for NFL Spin Zone. It was my first big interview, during the first couple months with the FanSided network.

Not only did I get to interview Double-A, but I was able to cover his retirement and get another brief interview with him after he announced that he was calling it a career. Adams is hands down one of my favorite defensive players to ever put on a Chicago Bears uniform.

Number 95 was not only a big man who had some impressive pre-game dance moves, but he was quick off the snap and usually in the backfield before most offensive linemen realized what had just happened.

You were beaten off the snap, son.

Now that Adams is retired, he’s doing his family thing and still does hilarious videos on not only Instagram, but YouTube. He’s currently a co-host for FOX 32′s ‘Inside The Bears’, which is pretty entertaining.

Chicago’s former defensive tackle recently met up with long-time middle linebacker Brian Urlacher for last night’s episode.

But today in Illinois (and I’m sure other states in the mid-west, east) it started to snow again. Let’s just say that Anthony wasn’t happy about this.

So what does he decide to do? Fight the snow. Here’s a look at Anthony ‘Spice’ Adams’ Instagram video that he posted just a little over a half-hour ago.

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