Mar 20, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Wichita State Shockers head coach Gregg Marshall addresses the media at a press conference during their practice session prior to the 2nd round of the 2014 NCAA Men

NCAA Basketball Rumors: Tennessee Volunteers interested in Gregg Marshall?

The Tennessee Volunteers are looking for a new men’s basketball coach, again, this time after Cuonzo Martin left to take the same job with the California Golden Bears after flirting with Marquette after the Vols run to the Sweet 16 ended.

The hot name to be the next head coach in Knoxville is this year’s Henry Iba Coach of the Year winner, Gregg Marshall, from the Wichita State Shockers who went undefeated in the regular season and earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, but were knocked out in the second round to the eventual national runners-up, the Kentucky Wildcats.

Marshall previously interviewed for the job in 2011 that eventually went to Buzz Peterson and at the time it was reported by that he “desperately” wanted the job at the time, and has stated in the past he was happy he didn’t leave Wichita State.

Would he be interested more than a decade later?

If Marshall were to leave a place he is comfortable and by all accounts happy, could Tennessee make him an offer he couldn’t refuse? That number would have to be more than head football coach Butch Jones and for at least $3 million, according to Bleacher Report’s Jason King.

Martin reportedly wasn’t treated in the way you would expect a coach with the third highest winning percentage in the SEC during his tenure as athletic director Dave Hart wasn’t prepared to make him one of the top-five highest paid, so could Marshall break the bank?

Marshall is set to make $1.3 million this year and Tennessee was prepared to offer Martin $1.8 million, if Tennessee wants to get the Coach of the Year, it’s time to open the purse strings.

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  • John Robin

    I doubt Gregg Marshall would leave a school which now boosts 2 final four appearances, an elite 8 with 2 sweet sixteen appearances for a school with 1 elite eight in their history that has shown a fan base that is like Jekyll and Hyde with their petitions and blogs! Martin was a big time coach that the fans run out of town with their unreal expectations, good luck getting even a successful high school coach.

    • Will

      Martin was a big time coach…you have to be kidding me. By all accounts, it sounds like he was a good guy, who worked hard, but in his 3 years, lets be honest, he underachieved big time. In Pearl’s 6 seasons the vols went to the tourney 6 times, made it to multiple sweet 16s, an elite 8, won the SEC, and reached a number 1 ranking, while regularly beating teams like Florida, Memphis, Kansas, etc.

      In Martin’s 3 seasons UT went to 2 NITs and made 1 sweet 16 run, which if we want to be honest, was mostly because of a very favorable bracket layout. The team Martin had to work with this year should have won closer to 30 games. Instead you had 2 loses to A&M, 1 loss to vandy, a loss to mizzou, nc state, Xavier, and UTEP….all very, very winnable games. Is it so bad that fans want to see success? Is it so bad that fans want to see continued success when it has become the norm? Tennessee has become a place to win at, and the multiple NIT seasons aren’t acceptable anymore.

  • Guy

    Ain’t gonna happen, my friends. With Van Vleet, Baker, Cotton and Carter returning, the Shockers are poised to be one of the best teams in the nation next year and further burnish Marshall’s resume.