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Donald Trump could gain league approval to buy Bills

Billionaire Donald Trump has emerged as a potential buyer for the Buffalo Bills, and he has been rather vocal about his desire to buy the team. Amongst his pleas that he is serious about it, Trump has promised to keep the team in Buffalo if be buys it because he wouldn’t have to travel far to get there, and moving it further away would only mean more travel for himself.

But do the NFL owners still hold a grudge from his time with the USFL? Would they oppose Trump trying to purchase the team?

The folks at Pro Football Talk talked to a “source with direct knowledge of the dynamics of team ownership told PFT on Tuesday,” and they said he has a realistic shot of being approved as an owner.

“I don’t see why not,” the source told PFT.  “He’s the only one saying it will stay in Buffalo.”

“I don’t think there are nine people to stop him.”

Trump also said it’d be easy for him to clear any hurdles caused by his association with casinos. He said they’re all public companies and it’d be easy to sell his stake.

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