Nintendo being sued again

The same company that has tried, and failed, to sue Nintendo for damages is at it again with yet another lawsuit.

Focusing on Nintendo’s Wii U console, Secure Axcess, LLC is suing both Nintendo Co. Ltd. and Nintendo of America, Inc.,  as well as a number of other companies, for patent infringement.

The company claims that its patent issued on February 18, 2003 is being infringed upon. This patent is for “a computer providing multiple display capability where one display presents the current document and another display may show a true display of a previously opened document.”

Secure Axcess, LLC is looking for “compensatory damages, costs, among other other reliefs” from the various companies for selling the Wii U console “without license or authorization.”

This isn’t the first time that Secure Axcess has sued Nintendo. The company sued Nintendo for infringement of the very same patent last January. Instead of suing over the Wii U, however, Secure targeted the sales of  the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, 3DS, and 3DS XL.

They eventually lost the case.

Source | Nintendo World Report

Mike’s Musings: It seems as though Secure Axcess is just looking for more publicity with this lawsuit. It’s hard to believe that have any sort of chance in this case after failing the previous time in court. 


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