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Jason Hatcher: Cowboys fans said they wish I would die

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher took a remarkable season on an injury depleted Cowboys defense and defensive line and used it to land a big new contract with the Washington Redskins. Obviously Cowboys fans weren’t thrilled with his decision to cross enemy lines and join their divisional rivals, and according to Hatcher they weren’t exactly the most civil towards him.

I heard it all from Cowboy fans. I hope you die. I hope you tear your ACL. I hope your plane crashes. People forget it’s a business,” Hatcher told NBC News4 Washington D.C. sports anchor Dianna Russini.

Cowboys fans clearly crossed the line, it is a business and the Cowboys realistically didn’t have the cap space to sign Hatcher. If they did and Hatcher didn’t live up to the standards of last season, it’d be another big contract owner and general manager Jerry Jones threw at an older player he shouldn’t have. There is no winning some times for the Cowboys front office, but it was in all reality the right move for the team.

Hatcher also took a shot at Tony Romo, saying he’d have no problem sacking him and that Redskins quarterback can get him to a Super Bowl.

RG3 can take me to a Super Bowl. This is my last ride. I know he can…I know he will,” Hatcher said.

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  • Scott.

    That is unacceptable cowboy fans. If in fact it’s true. If another company offered me much more money to work for them and it put my family and I in a better position in life then I’d be gone in a minute. No difference for NFL players. Just because we are loyal to our teams does not mean these players have the same feelings.

  • David

    Lol the only way rgme is taking you to a SB is on a bus and you will be lucky to be allowed in the stadium. I am sure some moronic fans said that to him and that is beyond dumb.

  • SmartThinking

    Ahhhh. Poor little darlin…… I never knew Hatcher was that sensitive.

    What’d he expect, anyway? He bolted the team that invested millions of dollars in him for a division rival without even attempting to renegotiate his contract.

    I may not have said it out loud but I was sure wishing him bad luck as well.