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MLB likely to tweak home plate collision and catch transfer rules

With all of the controversy and outcry surrounding the instant replay system adopted by Major League Baseball this year, it isn’t surprising to hear that the league is making some adjustments to rules that have come under fire as a result of replay.

The rules governing both the home plate collision and the catch transfer (from glove to throwing hand) are going to be looked at closely and adjusted, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

Per Rosenthal’s report, union reps met with the commissioner’s office earlier this week to discuss how replays of catches that would normally have been considered clean are being overturned. The MLB office is apparently in agreement that a more “common sense” approach is needed on these plays.

“To say it has been a hot topic with the players would be an understatement,” one union official said.

Former manager Tony LaRussa, who now works in the league offices, also wants to make more clear exactly what constitutes a catcher blocking the plate when a runner is advancing from third base.

“If we allow the catcher to stand there in front of the plate and it’s not a violation, then — our managers are going to say, ‘Whoa, wait a minute. We were teaching our guys to slide because they had something to slide to,’ ”

What we hope is that if we correct this initial positioning, at least then we won’t have runners as soon as they make a turn deciding, ‘I’ve got to plow this guy.’ “

Well that makes is about as clear as mud. Basically what it means is that the catcher is going to be required to give the runner some sort of lane to reach the plate.

At least the replay system is helping to get something right.

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