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Cowboys' Jason Garrett looks for intangibles in prospects

The Dallas Cowboys are looking to the draft to rebuild with a tight salary cap situation keeping them out of free agency. It is probably for the best as the Cowboys try to rid themselves of dead cap space. So what exactly does Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett look for in NFL Draft prospects?


“So much of this is trying to get to know a player, and there are a lot of different ways to do that,’’ Garrett said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “Combine interviews, Senior Bowl interviews, watch them practice, watch them work out, spend some individual time with them and see what the guy is all about. …

“My experience has been when the guys have the right intangibles, they typically are able to fulfill their potential. There are plenty of examples that we all have throughout our careers of guys who had the right stuff inside of them that allowed them to be the great players that they were. So we got to get to know the player and see what they are all about and what’s meaningful to them.’’

Garrett also elaborated on what else they might look for.

“We spend a lot of time on guys we think can be first-, second- and third-round picks,” Garrett said. “You also spend a lot of time on the mid-round guys and the late-round guys.

“You can’t be afraid to want to coach guys. You don’t necessarily want finished products, but you want guys who have traits as a player and as a person who you feel can develop and find a role on your team.’’

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