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4/20 Irony: NFL Annual marijuana testing window opens today

The NFL has an annual window for players to be tested for marijuana, and that testing period begins today.

That’s right. Marijuana testing begins on…4/20

How Ironic.

We’ll give you a minute to explain that to folks who don’t get it.

The league does not test players for what they consider to be “recreational drugs” during the season, but this testing window can trip up players who choose to partake.

According to the league’s drug policy, testing only occurs between April 20 and Aug. 9, though players signed or acquired after Aug. 9 that have not been tested are subject to a screening. In addition, rookies and any players who aren’t under contract with a team at the end of the prior season are also subject to being tested.

Many feel like the league’s policy on marijuana, which was instituted during a time when there was much less acceptance of use of the drug, should be altered and that players should be allowed to use marijuana for pain management.

Is it time for the NFL to relax testing for pot? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • Immortal Illumined

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    • Michael Collins

      You need to stop being so vague about how you feel :)