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NFL Rumors: Darren McFadden will be Raiders’ starting running back?

The Oakland Raiders signed former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew this offseason. Jones-Drew was promised a chance to compete for the starting position with incumbent Darren McFadden.

“It’s going to be a competition and that’s really all I ask,” Jones-Drew said, via the Contra Costa Times. “… I only wanted a chance to compete and play. The Raiders gave me that opportunity, and I’m going to take it and run with it.”

Well in a Q&A with Raiders fans, Paul Gutierrez of ESPN was asked who he thought would win this race and he had an interesting answer.

“If healthy, and that’s a big IF, Darren McFadden is the lead dog in the backfield, when you consider his home run potential and familiarity with the Raiders offense,” Gutierrez said.

There is a familiarity between McFadden and the Raiders offense but there might be other reasons. McFadden will turn 27 right before the season starts and Jones-Drew will be 29, certainly not over-the-hill yet for a running back but Jones-Drew said teams thought he had nothing left in the tank.

There also is the wear and tear that comes with being a feature running back, McFadden has a total of 883 career carries to Jones-Drew’s 1,804 carries.

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  • 757Raiderfan

    I’m still waiting to see what Kory Sheets can do. Or that huge back Latavius Murray. DMC is done. He will get injured early probably in camp and that’ll be it

    • chris long

      I hope sheets gets a chance to rip it up and succeeds

  • Bob

    No, no, please no. He should not have been re-signed.

    • Kenny Oliver

      For what they paid him to return it was a good deal. He may not be able to be the exclusive feature back but he can be sucessful as part of a committee of backs.

      • Bob

        Until he gets injured and then MJD takes over. If he gets injured during the pre-season then the Raiders need to let him go.

  • Paul J. Lorona

    L. Murray interested in what he could do if healthy. MDJ just like his attitude and what he brings to the locker room. It would be awesome of he has something left in the tank. DMAC I’m just done with believing in this guy.

    • Bob

      Don’t know why they re-signed DMC. An organization needs to know when to move on from a player.

      • chris long

        I think it was more of a depth and bargain reason as it stands drews dmc murray and sheets can all potentially be complete stara in the offence but i personally think they should be doing a 2 to 3 man rotation fresh legs every quarter would decrease the chance of injuries plus all of them have solid hands too