WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Who will take the United States title off Dean Ambrose?

The Shield will be taking on the reformed Evolution at WWE Extreme Rules, a main event that will feature three of the biggest rising stars in the business going up against three current big names.

But there’s one thing that I’m curious to finding out, and that’s who will be the one to take the United States championship away from Dean Ambrose? The Shield will be turning on Roman Reigns very soon, so I’m sure the creative team will want a heel to remove the title from Ambrose while he’s still a baby face.

There are a couple names out there who appear to be worthy of carrying the championship for awhile. Here’s my list of top five Superstars who could be booked against Dean Ambrose:

  • Jack Swagger – He’s a former United States Champion and needs something to keep him involved now that he’s no longer a member of ‘The Real Americans’. I knew the WWE was going to break that alliance apart since Cesaro has received a bunch of praise from the WWE Universe. Swagger is still a top performer on the roster, but isn’t quite Main Event talent like he was a year and a half ago.
  • Bray Wyatt – It’s only a matter of time before Bray Wyatt wins his first ever WWE title. So why not stick him with the United States Championship and getting some other guys involved? It’ll be a good way to help boost popularity with whoever he matches up against, considering how well he cuts promos. If you’re able to cut a great promo night in and night on your opponent, people are going to get more and more interested. Wyatt could do big things with this championship.
  • Alexander Rusev – Here’s another guy who is about ready to take a WWE title and throwing it over his shoulder. This monster of a man is quickly rising up in the power rankings ever since he made his official debut after WrestleMania. I imagine he would have a long title reign if he’s given the title.
  • Big E. – There have been rumors that the WWE had plans on unifying the Intercontinental and United States Championship sometime soon. It was disappointing to see the company bring both major championships (WWE/World Heavyweight Titles) together, pretty much slimming down the competition for the straps. This would be my only concern for this championship. The less titles there are with the company, the less attention Superstars will receive. If they do this, they should at least bring back a retired championship.
  • Bo Dallas – Bo is a former NXT Champion and performed extremely well when he had the title around his waist. He had himself a great feud with now champion Adrian Neville and has video packages already airing on live WWE television. What a way to make your WWE debut by winning a major WWE title. WWE Divas Champion Paige did against AJ Lee a couple weeks ago, could Bo Dallas be the next?

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