Out of the Park Baseball 15 Off and Running

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headerOut of the Park Baseball 15 has made it’s appearance on the worldwide stage as of today.  What is widely regarded as the greatest baseball simulation (non-console) experience, has now been fully unveiled for the 2014 Major League Season.

OOTP 15 retails for $39.99 and is available on PC/Mac/Linux platforms.  This year, you may be getting the biggest steal yet.  Debuting new features such as 3D stadiums, 3D ball flight, real international leagues, new interface presentation, and a redesigned ratings system.  Quite impressively, OOTP 15 has gone even further than last years version in enhancing the realism of the baseball sim experience.

Brandon Warne of GM Games had this to say, “OOTP 15 somehow found a way to take the best game of the year last year (non-console division) and improve upon it.”

OOTP 14 debuted last week on iOS devices to an overwhelmingly positive ovation.  The game is purchasable on iOS mobile devices for $4.99 and already boasts a 4.5 star review rating from nearly 100 reviewers on the App Store.

Both the mobile and PC version of Out of the Park Baseball bring managing the game of baseball into your hands.  With the ability to take on the task of taking your favorite team, current or historical, to the coveted World Series Championship, no game does it better.

Find the PC and mobile versions available for purchase at the following links:



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