Apr 19, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan (10) and guard Greivis Vasquez (21) look on from the bench during a break in the action against the Brooklyn Nets in game one during the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Air Canada Centre. The Nets beat the Raptors 94-87. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Former referee Tim Donaghy thinks league is conspiring against Toronto

Conspiracies may or may not exist in the NBA. We can only speculate on the matter, but Tim Donaghy, former league referee who spent 15 months in prison over rigging games who may or may not have some insight on how things work, thinks the league wants the Brooklyn Nets to defeat the Toronto Raptors in favor of good ratings.

“(The Raptors) are not only going against the Brooklyn Nets but going against the league office,” Donaghy said in a radio interview in Canada. “They have a very talented team and have to be that much better than the Brooklyn Nets.

“In this situation, Brooklyn would be put at an advantage. A Brooklyn-Miami matchup (in round 2) would bring great ratings and that’s what this is all about for the NBA and the league offices — bringing in as many dollars as they can. … Some of the things that the league does and continues to do puts these teams at a disadvantage — like the Toronto Raptors — because moving forward they won’t bring in the big dollars for the league.”

via Disgraced former referee Tim Donaghy claims NBA has pressured officials to call games for Nets in Raptors series | New York Daily News

It’s not often that former league officials speak out on what the league is or isn’t doing, but Donaghy’s speculation shouldn’t shock many considering the situation that forced him out of the league. He isn’t a trustworthy source, but his comment makes some sense. Fighting for a new television deal, ratings will be ever important for the NBA this season. The more ratings they draw during the playoffs, the more revenue the league will get from networks such as ESPN. It’d actually give them leverage, forcing more money from network companies.

The league won’t likely respond to Donaghy’s allegation, but it’s an interesting comment and forces viewers to keep a keen eye on the Raptors-Nets series as Toronto looks to tie the series 1-1 before heading to Brooklyn

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    You do not need Donaghy to tell you the truth, we knew it, but chose to ignore it, open your eyes, watch any OKC game with Durant and you will see it for yourself…. and if you dismiss Donaghy as being a “bad guy”, you might have the memory of the characters in a weekly sitcom quick to forget the week prior, remember “Lance
    Armstrong”, and Jose Canseco, now distant memories, bad people dont always lie, and good people are not always truthful, so losers in the media can put “disgraced” all they want in front of Donaghy’s name, that doesn’t mean he is lying, what does he have to lie about at this stage in his life.. I do not blame Donaghy for doing what he did i actually applaud him, why not try to make a little cash on the side especially when you know your bosses are dirty, stealing from fans and thing are not being done above board, at the end of the day… the NBA is a business like any other, the object is to make as much as they can, while they can and tweaking things here and there is something, everyone does !

    • Boris Wilkes

      He’s not lying. The NBA should be investigated

  • Boris Wilkes

    He’s telling the truth, but no one is surprised. Everyone knows the NBA fixes games and we don’t need Donaghy to tell us. Of course they’d rather have a NY team instead of a Toronto team play in the next round. If anyone should be investigated it should be the NBA. There must be NY and LA teams in the playoffs or the league looses money. Last year they did everything they could to out the Lakers in it even though they sucked so there’s no surprise that since the Knicks aren’t there they have to keep the other NY team in the playoffs as long as possible.

  • Kaz

    More seriously is why SI is putting accusations from someone already at odds with the NBA? I watched the series, and the refs appeared harsh to the nets! They had nothing to do with the excessive turnovers of the Raptors.

    NBA should seriously consider legal options against SI, publishing accusations and conspiracy in the middle of the playoff!

  • Wild Lakeshore

    kaz is clearly a brooklyn fan, don’t know what series u were watching bud, get your eyes checked

  • MrNineofif

    Someone should really analyze the games to see missed calls raptors were screwed allot And when you don’t get calls it changes your game