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Jose Fernandez strikes out 14 against Atlanta Braves (GIF)

The bad news for the Atlanta Braves is that they are guaranteed to see that man on the mound again this season, likely more than once.

Jose Fernandez pitched for the Miami Marlins as they took on the Braves. In a context that is very Marlins, the team was actually seeking its first win on the road all season. Their offense did very little to advance the cause, scoring one run on four hits. On most nights that effort would not be sufficient, but when one of the best pitchers on the planet is pitching that line might be enough for a win.

Fernandez carried the team on his back, going eight innings and allowing no runs on three hits while striking out an astounding 14 hitters. As you can imagine, the combination of his 97-98 MPH fastball and devastating slider was just too much for the Braves hitters. His breaking ball was his out pitch, as seen here against Justin Upton:


He also froze left-handed hitters with backdoor breaking balls throughout the night. As an example, please observe this strike three to Jason Heyward:


While many of his strikeouts did come on the slider, he still blew some fastballs by Atlanta hitters, perhaps no more emphatically than this 96 MPH heater to sit Freddie Freeman down:


But just so we have one more excuse to swoon over a Fernandez slider, this final GIF is presented as an example of what happens when a hitter is perhaps cheating to catch up to that fastball.


Poor Evan Gattis

The Marlins do not have many eyeballs on their games on a night to night basis, but Fernandez is well-established by now as must-see TV for anybody who can tune in when he pitches.

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