Is Apple getting sliced?

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Apple led the way into the smartphone future with the initial releases of its iPhone.  Using the platform blueprint laid out by the successful iPod, Apple was able to execute on a game plan that took the market by storm.  In the years since, Apple has done more tweaking, rather than a complete reinvention.  As the release of the Apple iPhone 6 draws near, is it now time to question when an overhaul makes sense?

In a widely publicized court situation, Apple and Samsung fought out a battle as to which company got too close to copying the other.  Apple eventually was able to kick Samsung to the curb and send the mobile player back to the drawing board after proving that the first two Samsung Galaxy phones too closely resembled the iPhone.  Unfortunately for Apple, the redesign they forced upon Samsung allowed the company to create one of the most successful smartphones in years.

Samsung came out swinging with the release of its Galaxy S3 and brought new features a plenty.  The phone was met with a grand reception and has seen drastic sales since its launch.  Microsoft has now bought back into the game purchasing Nokia and providing quality Lumia phones as well.  With the backing of Google technology, is the competition shaping up to be too much for Apple?  As the iPhone 6 is set to be released, much looks to have remained the same.  Where does this leave Apple in terms of future success?

Only time will tell how things will round out for the California based company.  If anything though, understanding the game is always changing, and if you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards, is an integral piece to the success of any technology company.

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