Apple iPhone 6 facing delay?


Apple’s plan for the iPhone 6 was to go straight after the competition.  In an attempt to release a product that goes after the competition in the smartphone industry, the iPhone 6 is slated to be released in a 5.5 inch screen model.  The issue now seems to be, when will that release happen.

The iPhone 6 has a release window of September 2014 and is said to be offered in 3 different variants, a 4.7 inch, 4.8 inch, and 5.5 inch model.  The two smaller models are still projected to be on track and hit the launch window.  Unfortunately for fans of the iPhone looking for a larger model, the 5.5 inch model is in serious jeopardy of hitting the project release date.

The target size for the battery of the iPhone 6 is proving to be a difficult obstacle for Apple to overcome.  Most battery sizes are 2.8 or 2.9 millimeters thick, where the iPhone 6, in it’s 5.5 inch model, requires a battery measuring under 2 millimeters in thickness.  The drastic cut down in size is a much larger obstacle for developers than initially projected.

As the 5.5 inch variant of the iPhone 6 has been dubbed the “iPhone Air” it is also the most highly sought after.  With these new challenges in production, the model is likely to not hit shelves until into 2015.  This could prove costly or beneficial to Apple depending on how the other two models are received.

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