Apple OS X Betas for all

In a move that could certainly allow for the growth of technology as a whole, Apple is opening up beta releases through its new OS X Seed Program for all Mac users.  The announcement means future operating systems will be available prior to their inevitable launch.

With the new Seed Program, developers are no longer the only user group allowed to participate in OS betas.  With the community of Mac users as a whole, Apple now also has a much broader base of feedback to go off of.  This functionality will allow for Apple to continually craft its operating systems to further meet the needs of each of its consumers.

Sign up for the program is simple.  You must currently be running OS X Mavericks,  then signup at the Beta Seed Program website using your Apple ID.  A program download to your computer is required.  While checking for any future updates, your Mac will now check for new beta versions of OS X as well.


Though this isn’t the first time Apple has offered betas to its users, it is the first time betas of operating systems have been presented.  This technology, could arguably, extend to 3rd party software and apps as well.  This functionality would let users provide real time feedback to companies and their products prior to a true go live.

Apple has long been committed to staying in front of trends, and it looks like they are striving to improve their own technology in the hands of users as well.

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