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newtwitterOver the last 24 hours, Twitter has unloaded its new profile redesign to most users. While it’s pretty easy to update from the old look to the new one (above), there are bound to be some users that may need some helping switching over.

That’s why we’re here.

If you weren’t prompted to update after logging into the service, you can simply go here in order to update. After updating to the new design, users will be guided through an update process to optimize the look of your new profile page. Among the guidelines include uploading a new profile picture, a cover photo wide enough to cover the entire profile header and to pin a tweet to your page.

The pinned tweet will be the first thing users see on your timeline when they visit your page. You can swap out pinned tweets as often as you’d like.

While the new design looks identical to that of Facebook, it does offer a number of optimized feature that make it easier for more people to connect with one another. For example, when you follow someone new, a small version of their profile will appear on your page. This will make it easier for other users to follow that user as well, should they choose to do so.

You are also able to view someone’s page in one of two ways: just their tweets, or their tweets and replies to others. It defaults to just a person’s tweets instead of seeing their replies as well.


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