Feb 23, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel walks on the field after running the 40 yard dash during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft rumors: Dallas Cowboys taking Johnny Manziel at No. 16 is possible

This upcoming NFL Draft has been called the most unpredictable in some time in regards to where the quarterbacks might be taken. With the extra time this year between the end of the season and the draft, the evaluations have been all over the place, and players’ projections are constantly on the move, and that includes Johnny Manziel.

While it seems unlikely that Manziel will fall out of the top 10 as we draw closer to Draft day on May 8, the possibility is still there, and according to Ed Werder of ESPN, should he make his way to no. 16, then Jerry Jones may indeed pull the trigger on bringing in the Texas native to the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony Romo is said to be coming along about as well as can be expected following the back injury he suffered at the end of last season, however the need for a reliable back up is there, despite the team bringing in Brandon Weeden.

This move would be intriguing on so many levels, but if Johnny Football is still there, you really wouldn’t be able to blame Jones for making it happen.

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  • baronmwd

    No way Dallas picks a QB round 1. I do think there is a high possibility that QB’s are sitting there at 16. I think there may be 1 or 2 QB’s drafted ahead of Dallas. I think Dallas would be smart to try to trade back especially if Manziel/Carr are sitting there at 16. Those teams that pass on QB’s in top 10 may have interest in trading back up to get one. A perfect trade partner if they pass on QB with there first pick would be Cleveland. Browns has a butt load of picks they might be willing to part with.

    • Scott.

      Agree with you and hopefully Jerry and co feel the same

  • SmartThinking

    With the glaring needs this defense presents at nearly every position and with the strength positions on the offensive line still to fill, which must be addressed early, I cannot believe this Manziel business is anything but a ruse on the part of the Dallas brain trust to make others think in a different direction.

    As you noted in your headline, this is a rumor. Rumors are like opinions. Everybody has at least one.

    And then, ….. there’s big Jones and his swimming upstream version of running a pro football team.

    We’re still three weeks or so out. Hell. Anything’s possible as big Jones has proven time and time again.

    Three cheers for our new QB savior, Johnny Football !!!!!!!!!!!!