The Armchair Quarterback's Consensus Mock Draft

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Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; A general view of the NFL shield logo and main stage before the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s Armchair Quarterback is going to break from the normal format. Instead of writing my usual column I spent this week compiling a consensus mock draft. There are so many mock drafts out there right now that it can almost make your head spin. If you really want your favorite team to draft a certain player and you look long enough, you can find a mock draft that will give you what you’re looking for. I thought it might be interesting for people to see what the majority of NFL “experts” think your favorite team will do.

So what I did is compile 20 different mock drafts to find a consensus pick for each team. Once a player was selected he was no longer eligible for any other teams even if he was the “consensus pick”. In those cases I went to the number two vote getter. My hope is that this allows fans to see what the majority of those that cover the NFL think your favorite team is going to do. Besides showing you the selection, I’ve also included all the players that received votes for that draft pick.

I will confess in advance that I adjusted a couple of picks to make things line up more realistically. For example, the mock drafts varied so widely in where Blake Bortles was selected that he wasn’t the majority pick for any team and thus didn’t go in the first round at all in this consensus mock the first time I did it. Meanwhile Teddy Bridgewater went #8 overall to the Vikings. When I looked back over things I noticed that almost all of the mocks that had Bridgewater going to the Vikings already had Bortles off the board at that point. So I made the executive decision to make Bortles the Vikings pick which dropped Bridgewater to the second half of the first round which seems to align with the latest popular opinions on where Bridgewater might go. I felt that this was a better representation of what most think will happen than having Bridgewater at #8 overall and Bortles not being drafted in the first round at all.

Two notes on the mock drafts that I used for the consensus mock:

1. The cut off date for these mocks was Tuesday, April 22nd. So if you’ve seen brand new mocks out from these same guys that had different picks, that’s why.

2. I deliberately left Mel Kiper and Todd McShay off the list because I think it’s absurd to make people pay to see your mock draft.

Here are the mock drafts that I included:

Rob Rang – CBS Sports
Dane Brugler – CBS Sports
Pete Prisco – CBS Sports
Pat Kirwan – CBS Sports
Will Brinson – CBS Sports
Charles Davis –
Daniel Jeremiah –
Bucky Brooks –
Mike Huguenin –
Chase Goodbread –
Matt Smith –
Bryan Fischer –
Don Banks –
Chris Burke – MMQB
Matt Miller – Bleacher Report
Eric Edholm – Yahoo Sports
Evan Silva – Roto World
Walter Cherepinsky –
Charlie Campbell –
Mike Loyko –

The consensus mock begins on the next page.

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  • Diegoblue

    I’m not mad at getting Nix

  • Diegoblue

    I’m not mad at getting Nix

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    These clowns have little to zero knowledge of how this or any other drafts will shape out, but they speak on the matter as if they do. if a team does not pick a player anywhere close to where the media had them… then losers in the media crushes the team trying to save face. How about the media lowlifes do this, i will start paying attention to your “predictions” IF, you guys get fired for consistently being wrong / doing a bad job, like G.M.’s and coaches in the NFL…. who needs to make thier picks count, unlike a bunch of blow hards sitting behind a desk… i do not need your options, like a A33-H, we all have one, instead of speaking out of yours and getting a paycheck for doing nothing, try putting your money where your mouths are… and revisit your predictions and if you are terrible then you deserve to be fired !… because every year it’s the same story… this guy is amazing lets talk about only him, if you need to use “magic” to consistently describe a player’s ability, then it tells me you have no clue about what you are saying and maybe that player is not very good ! please just stick to ranking the players by ability / skill set and screw which team should draft who… i am sure people would be a lot more interested in those discussions than some stupid mock drafts where you are wrong after the 2nd or 3rd pick.

  • FJ doreza

    My Mock Draft, sorry I tweeted you..and of course things change
    1 Texans – K.Mack 2. Rams – Matthews 3. Jax – Clowney
    4. CLE – Watkins 5. OAK – Bortles 6. ATL – Robinson
    7. TB – Evans 8. MIN – Barr 9. BUFF – Mosely
    10 DET – Gilbert 11. TEN – Moses 12. NYG – Lewan
    13. STL – Dix 14. CHI – DONALD 15. PITT – Fuller
    16. DAL – Shazier 17. BAL – Lee 18. JETS – Ebron
    19. MIA – Z.Martin 20. ARZ – Jenkins 21. GB – Pryor

    22. PHI – Cooks 23. KC – Beckhan 24. CIN – Ealy
    25. SD – Verrett 26. CLE – McCarron 27. N.O.- Dennard
    28. CAR – G.Jackson 29. N.E.- Chricton 30. SF – Murphy
    31. DEN – J.Matthews 32. SEA – X.Su a filo
    Yes, I know..Johnny Douche Bag and Teddy are not there, and I don’t believe they should be. To me..they are the overrated players, but who knows maybe some GM will take the HUGE RISK on one of them and get fired for it. I also feel the Giants NEED a OL before a DL since their franchise QB was mauled last year. They should take the best OL man then take a DL in round 2..I’m a Bears fan, and the ONLY priority is DT and the ONLY pick is Aaron Donald..the drop off is fairly dramatic but there is a wild card..Dominique Easly, a similar player in stature and style to Donald and was a preseason favorite DT until his injury..He could either go early or late depending on his injury status..I’m betting someone will take a chance mid to late.
    MY BEARS PICKS with options
    1. Aaron Donald/ Ryan Shazier/ Dee Ford
    2. Kyle Van Noy/ Ra shede Hageman/ Marcus Smith/ Kareem Martin
    3. Zach Mettenberger/ Aaron Murray if gone than Deone Buchannon/ Ed Reynolds
    4. Ed Reynolds/Craig Loston/Jimmy Ward/Ahmad Dixon or KP Louis as a safety
    5. Walt Aikens/ Dontae Johnson/ Dexter Moody/ Travis Carrie/ Shaquille Richardson
    6. Jerick Mckinnon/ Damien Willians/ Isaiah Crowell
    6. AC Leonard/ Gator Hoskins/ Trey Millard or Carlos Fields/Lamin Barrow/Ron Powell

    I will NEVER understand taking a DB with the first pick knowing how much a dominant defensive line will take the defense much further. A DB most likely wouldn’t start anyway and it should be common knowledge for ANY football analyst to know that the secondary RELIES on the front 7 to pressure the QB so they have more interception opportunities. Dix or Pryor would have far less impact on the defense than Donald would and any defensive coordinator knows that. So when I see idiots hoping they take Gilbert in the first..WTF? What…should he start over Tillman and Jennings? DB is the deepest part of the draft and players like Aikens, who visited with the Bears and Dontae Johnson..both 6-1, 6-2 205..both in the 4.4′s, physical and solid tacklers..late round options that are no worse than any early rounders. The Bears also need a QB, question is, early or late? Zach and Aaron are the 2 best QB’s that no one is talking about due to injury..fine by me..maybe one of these REAL NFL quality QB’s will be around in the 3rd-4th rounds. LB is a major need as evidenced by last years debacle, and yet the safety’s unfairly took most of the blame. Our 2 best LB’s are older and wiser but coming off injuries and Briggs might retire next year. Shea looks good slimmed down and I hope he will be a viable option because Greene is NOT and Bostic is still learning. RB Jerick Mckinnon is a super athlete that can play RB/WR/QB/DB or KR so how can you pass him up? Damien Williams is a solid 5-11 220, quick and fast with decent hands and he also could be around late. Some say TE is a need..not really, but 2 great athletes who could play the role of short yardage FB and move TE are AC Leonard and Gator Hoskins, another nice option is Trey Millard. Anyway that’s my 3 cents..yes I know.

  • Michael Pierce

    This is awesome work Lyle. You should do update each of next Thursdays (May 1st/May 8th)..Thanks