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Frank Caliendo as Jon Gruden with Jon Gruden at Gruden's QB camp (Video)

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The best hire made by ESPN in their long history isn’t Chris Berman, Bob Ley, Dan Patrick or Keith Olbermann. No the best hire made by the “Worldwide Leader” is Frank Caliendo who has brought so many laughs to the network with his uncanny impersonations of Mel Kiper, Adam Schefter and Jon Gruden.

The latest from Caliendo sees him as Jon Gruden with Jon Gruden and Gruden’s quarterback camp. Got it? I almost can’t tell who the real one is and who the imposter is in this hilarious clip. I’m telling you, you haven’t lived until you see Jon Gruden staring down Jon Gruden.

It’s tough to top his previous sports impressions, especially John Madden, Charles Barkley or Jim Rome, but this one comes pretty darn close.

Now that you’ve seen Caliendo attend Gruden’s quarterback camp, where does it rank in your opinion compared to his previous videos where he attacked Todd McShay as Mel Kiper, explained what being an insider is all about as Adam Schefter and sported a mustache ala Mike Ditka?

Let us know in the comments section below with your vote or give us a write-in candidate, perhaps George W. Bush as hte best Caliendo impression.

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