Infographic Online Gaming, a battlefield in every aspect


Online gaming is so much more than hopping on a console and connecting with other like-minded gamers across the globe.  The understanding of what goes on behind the scenes is something that too often goes disregarded.  With recently collected data, global security solutions developer, Trend Micro, came up with quite a telling infographic.

The most important thing to remember while using the internet is understanding how to keep control.  The idea of having to use connected devices in a sense of fear is, in all reality, silly.  That being said, the internet is a power for just as much negative as it is positive, depending on the person using it.

With the line being pushed further and further into total connectivity with next generation gaming systems, remaining in control of what you are sharing is a powerful tactic.  Make sure to understand where and what information you are sharing, and who is accessing it.  Combat fear with action and understand how to best position yourself for both enjoyment as well as safety.

Check out the infographic for a full breakdown on how consoles interact in regards to each other and the internet.


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