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NFL Draft Rumors: 49ers could trade up for Mike Evans, 'could be very aggressive in this draft'

Before the NFL Draft there are always a lot of rumors about teams potentially trading up to take players, some materialize and some never do so take it with a grain of salt but there is a new one involving the San Francisco 49ers and Texas A&M Aggies wide receiver Mike Evans.

According to Rotoworld Senior Editor Evan Silva, Chris Mortensen said on ESPN that the 49ers are ready to move up in the draft. Mortensen suggested their Bay Area neighbors Oakland Raiders as a potential trade partner.

Mortensen went on to suggest that the 49ers could be targeting Evans and that the 49ers will be aggressive in the draft.

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  • Rick White

    Are we assuming that Watkins is gone by pick #5?

    • Bob

      Probably, but Mack or OL would still be available.

      • CRUZdaddy

        I see (if Watkins is available) lions moving to 5th and taking Watkins and pray that Evans is available at 10 .. if he’s not,then raiders can still have a top 3 LT choice

  • CRUZdaddy

    As a raider fan I’d take Evans over Watkins any day… SEC plus 6’5 240+ true number one reciever since the day he was born.. #fact

    • Rick White

      It definitely makes sense to have that size and speed in the NFC west. The niners can’t afford another bust at WR with Crabtree’s contract almost up.

  • Bob

    Oakland could use more picks, but need impact players too. I just don’t see it.

    • Donald

      More picks as you mentioned for Oakland……Oakland needs a good running back as well, ….Enter LMJ from the 9er’s and a few other picks …..9er’ and Oakland have been dealing this year as a players is now in Oakland…..Heck, I would not be surprised if this was in the works and in consideration when Oakland got Terrel Brown. This with LMJ and a couple later picks Done Deal!

  • Michael Fejeran

    Was tired of hearing experts picking Cooks or Beckham on most of the mock drafts out there. What makes them think the Niners are looking for more undersize players…more lamichael james and a.j. jenkins ?