Apr 8, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) grabs the ball pre game at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers plan on offering first-roud pick for Kevin Love

The NBA Draft is just around the corner and teams are starting to hammer out their draft strategies that they have when it comes to what they want to do with their first-round pick. While some teams are holding out for a top lottery pick, the Lakers have other plans for their pick.

According to the Orange Country Register, if the Lakers pick falls out of the top 3 in the lottery then they plan on trading it to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love — or at least making an offer to do so.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this from the Lakers and it clearly won’t be the last time either. Los Angeles wants Love really bad an they’ve been jockeying to get him for a while. It’s growing apparent that they’re not the lock to land him in free agency they once were as the Knicks and Bulls are better options and showing increasing interest.

As a result, the Lakers may need to trade for Love to get him ad that will begin with their first round pick an likely end with the Wolves boneheadedly rejecting it thinking they have a chance at bringing Love back.

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  • J Taylor

    How is using another Web Site a reliable source in Journalism? Rumors are perpetuated by writers trying to fill quotas or misguided egos.
    -”If the Lakers land in the top 3″….that is pure speculation. And, I’d call bull!

    If the Lakes land in the top 3 that would enable them to get Embiid, Exum or Wiggins.
    Why would they trade a near-certain starter (and potential star) for Love?
    When, by having the same player in 1 year, its a great piece to entice Love?

    If the Lakers fall out of the top 6, it makes a lot of sense, but any other way is foolish.

  • chrisfromthadtothaphx

    Minnesota has zero chance of keeping Love.. It would be the worst move in NBA history, if they allow Love to stay past the trading deadline next year.. OKC has the same dilemma with Russell Westbrook. He isnt staying there.. with Durant having a breakout season this year (proving he can play without him) on the flip side the Lakers also are interested in Westbrook. If im the GM.. i would offer every player or assest i could including Kobe Bryant, to pick up both of these pieces.

    • Andrew Donaldson

      The Wolves allowing a player to force a trade makes the Wolves a desert forever. They have to tell Love, we’d hate to see you go, and if he elects to leave, say, we’re terribly, terribly sorry that you decided you’d rather make at least $30 million less over your career.

      29 teams have zero chance of “keeping” Kevin Love. Some of them may have a chance of getting him, most of them definitely don’t, but the one team with any chance of keeping him is Minnesota. It might be slight, but it’s not zero percent. We know–because he’s said so–that one team that has less chance than Minnesota is the Lakers. Because Kevin Love said Minnesota has better talent.

      And any team that’ll pay Kobe Bryant $20+ million a year to get hurt over and over has management that’s too dumb to eat without help.

  • mthashp

    What’s up with all the typos? I text better than that.

  • Andrew Donaldson

    This wasn’t according to a newspaper. It was speculation by a columnist as to what HE thought the Lakers would do if they got a top 3 pick. Nowhere did he suggest he had any contact with Laker management on the subject. It was someone filling column inches by claiming psychic powers.

    And the Wolves wouldn’t listen to such an asinine offer anyway.