Daniel Bryan was crowned the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania XXX at the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome in New Orleans, LA. Photo Credit: WWE

Obituary for Daniel Bryan's Father

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was in a tough uphill battle over the last year after The Authority decided to make his life a living hell.

Not only did Bryan continue to fight his way to the top of the mountain inside the ring, but his life was getting better away from the ring. He got engaged to Brie Bella who he ended up marrying not that long ago. He missed out on the WWE Royal Rumble but still fought his way into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship main event at WWE WrestleMania XXX.

Bryan was able to get Dave ‘The Animal’ Batista to tap out which finally gave him the one thing that he deserved most. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But shortly after celebrating his victory and feeling like the King of the World, Daniel Bryan received some news that every child on the planet dreads.

About four-five days ago, Bryan Danielson’s Father, Donald Orrin “Buddy” Danielson passed away. He was only 57 years old.

I was looking up his obituary and it listed ‘when his son made it into the WWE’ as one of his fondest memories. If you would like to view his Father’s obituary, you go do so by clicking here.

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