What to make from the three classes in Destiny?

Destiny is another very anticipated title that’s set to come out this year and it’s from developer Bungie. This will be their first non-Halo game that makes it’s way to consoles.

The game will have role-playing game elements that’s online with different classes that people can choose from depending on their style of play.

The website for Destiny was recently updated and it included some information on the three classes in the open-world shooter – Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

  • Titan
    The first Titans built the Wall, and bravely gave their lives to defend it. Now, you stand in the same place, steadfast and sure. Our enemies are deadly and merciless, but so are you. You hail from a line of legendary heroes and your strength and skill will be needed to shatter their ranks.
  • Warlock
    Warlocks have long studied the Traveler, mastering some of its arcane energies. Its true purpose still remains a great mystery, but discovering truth has always driven you into the unknown. Now, our enemies stand between you and your greatest discovery – the secrets of the Golden Age.
  • Hunter
    Hunters once prowled the wilderness and wastelands, taking big risks for even bigger rewards. Making your own luck has always meant bending the rules. But you are no outlaw, at least, not anymore, and your unique brand of daring and ingenuity will be needed now more than ever.

The Titan class will probably have players use heavy weapons and do melee as you can probably guess from the name itself. While the Warlock class will see players use a combination of weapons and special powers. Lastly, the Hunter class will be your basic assault player that’s very common in first-person shooters.

I like the idea of Bungie making an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. They definitely have plenty of experience making a shooter that people enjoy with a solid multiplayer component.

You can leave a comment below with your thoughts about Destiny and what class is your favorite.

Destiny will release for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9. Also don’t forget to try out the beta for Destiny this summer.







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