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MLB Power Rankings Week Five: Brewers force their way to the top

I give, I give.

The Milwaukee Brewers are arguably the best team in baseball through one month of baseball. They have been good for enough games and by enough of a margin (+0.88 run differential per game, per Baseball Prospectus). So yes, MLB Power Rankings in April and May are a balancing act as we try to make sense of how good these teams are right now and how good they will be down the road, but the Brewers look like they have the goods to keep it up for the long run.

The Atlanta Braves and Oakland A’s both probably have more pitching and they both have slightly better Diff/G (+1.29 for Braves, +1.52 for the A’s), but the Brewers claim the top spot. There are still six teams that I believe will emerge as the elite six in the league, but right now the Brewers belong at the top.

You have the three best teams mentioned above, elite teams that have underachieved so far, a handful of truly putrid teams, and a large confusing mass in the middle. The fluidity from number 10 to number 25 or so is baffling and will seemingly continue that way for most of the season. If nothing else, it looks like a lot of teams will be in the hunt for a Wild Card spot.

MLB Power Rankings: Week Five

1. Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers (18-7, +6)

2. Oakland Athletics Oakland A’s (15-10, no change)

3. Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves (17-7, no change)

4. Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers (12-9, no change)

5.  Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers (14-12, -4)

6. Washington Nationals Washington Nationals (14-12, no change)

7. St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals (14-12, -1)

8. Texas Rangers Texas Rangers (15-10, no change)

9. San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants (15-10, +2)

10. New York Yankees New York Yankees (15-10, no change)

11. Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals (12-12, +3)

12. Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox (12-14, -3)

13. Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels (11-13, +1)

14. Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles (12-12, +5)

15. Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies (14-12, +5)

16. Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays (12-13, no change)

17. Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds (11-14, no change)

18. Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays (11-14, -6)

19. New York Mets New York Mets (14-11, +5)

20. Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox (13-13, +1)

21. Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates (10-16, -6)

22. Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies (13-12, +3)

23. Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners (10-14, no change)

24. Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians (11-14, -6)

25. Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins (12-11, +1)

26. San Diego Padres San Diego Padres (12-14, -4)

27. Miami Marlins Miami Marlins (11-14, no change)

28. Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs (8-16, no change)

29. Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks (8-20, no change)

30. Houston Astros Houston Astros (9-17, no change)

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