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The Great Bull Run is coming to Philadelphia

If you have ever dreamed of running with the bulls but have been unable to get to Pamplona, Spain, you can now live out your dream right here in the United States. Thanks to Rugged Events LLC and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who owns 25 percent of the business after investing $1.75 million on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” we will now see a wider range of bull running events across the U.S.

“The Great Bull Run” is modeled after the events in Spain, and will be heading to Philadelphia on June 7 at Maple Grove Raceway. There will be multiple runnings with the bulls, a Tomato Royale food fight and even music, festival games, food and beverages.

“We couldn’t be happier that Mark Cuban has jumped on our bandwagon,” said Rugged Events COO Rob Dickens in a statement.

“All of our extreme events have been wildly successful so far, and our newest venture, The Great Bull Run, is currently exceeding all expectations.  This significant investment from Cuban will allow our business to grow at an even faster clip as we continue to produce the best, most exciting, roughest and toughest events for thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts all across the country.”

The Great Bull Run is also friendly to the animals, unlike the events in Spain where the bulls are killed in a bull fight following the run.

Tickets for the event will range from $55-$75 for runners, $35-$50 for Tomato Royale participants and $10-$15 for spectators. Tickets are available online at

It sounds like something that is a great opportunity for thrill seekers and something that will allow many more people to experience the culture of Spain in a safer, more affordable environment.

Be safe out there folks, and you can feel confident that Rugged Events will be looking out for your safety as well.

“The runners are ultimately responsible for dodging the bulls when they come through, but we’ve taken additional measures to decrease the risk of injury and make this event accessible to everyone, not just the craziest thrill seekers out there,” said Dickens.  “The course fencing allows runners to climb over to avoid bulls and there are nooks in the fence where runners can hide, but most importantly, our bulls don’t have sharpened horns like the ones in Spain, which greatly reduces the risk of goring.”

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