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NBA Rumors: Why Los Angeles Clippers will not relocate to Seattle

Fans in Seattle thought their dream about bringing back NBA basketball to the greater northwest was set to be accomplished after the Maloof family sold the Sacramento Kings to a local investment group.

That sale of course was denied by the NBA, leaving basketball fans in Seattle wanting more.

Expansion is something that could eventually be on the table, but commissioner Adam Silver has hinted such won’t come for a while leaving few opportunities for NBA basketball in Seattle. There was belief that the Milwaukee Bucks could be moved, but a local group with intentions to keep the team in Milwaukee emerged.

Now recent suggestions have attributed the Clippers as a potential target, but that simply is not going to happen.

Even split with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Southern California market is about as big as they come and the Clippers have continually sold out the Staples Center. Even with the horrific franchise record prior to the team’s recent success, the Los Angeles market is as prime as it gets. Simply put, no team is leaving the Los Angeles area for any destination.

Unfortunately, it appears as if the best case scenario for basketball in the Emerald City will come via expansion, whenever that does become available.

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  • kiohoka

    HA! Let me tell you why the statistic means nothing. 1) Once the lakers become good again, the clippers will be worth next to nothing. 2) THERE IS ANOTHER LA TEAM. Clippers fans have been Lakers fans for decades, they only turned into clippers fans this season. If the Clippers leave, there is the Lakers.

  • Jim Obert

    I doubt the team would move to Seattle as a Sonics fan. That said, the market share is a horrible argument. Or OKC would NEVER have had a team. That said, I am not going to go grey and bald waiting for a team and will root for Paul Allen to get another ring this year before not caring about the NBA again. They will find a way to burn Seattle, no matter what. However the NBA needs Seattle far more than Seattle needs the NBA. LA has always been a Lakers town anyways.

  • Mortskcab

    It doesn’t matter how large the la market is, the Clippers will always be second fiddle to the Lakers. It actually makes more sense to move to a market like Seattle and be the only winter professional sport in town (until the nhl expands there too, which will happen soon). Be a big fish in a small pond. California has too many sports teams alrady. Plus the state is extremely in debt and population is slowly starting to move away to other states like Texas. California’s debt will soon implode on itself. And when it does, the other 49 will have to give California a bail out. California can’t get it’s spending under control. It will kill thier conomy and the average guy won’t afford to go sporting events anyway. Seattle has a booming economy and will treat the Clippers well. Make it happen, NBA!

  • eaglesfan85

    I would move the team to Seattle.

  • Paul Riden

    The Clippers moving to Seattle makes about as much sense as the Sonics moving to OKC .