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NFL Rumors: Rich Gannon says Vikings are foolish to draft a quarterback in first-round

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The Minnesota Vikings have a big decision on their hands when it comes to what to do with that No. 8 overall pick and one of their option is to draft a franchise quarterback. The problem is, many analysts don’t think that guy exists in the class, at least not in their current form, and that taking one at No. 8 is a bad idea.

Former Vikings quarterback and current CBS analyst Rich Gannon falls into this group, has dubbed the notion that the Vikings would draft a quarterback as ‘foolish’, noting the Vikings have a couple of quarterbacks already.

Per the Pioneer Press:

“I think they’ve hedged their bets with Ponder and Cassel. …. Whether they trade back into later in the first round or get a (quarterback) in the second round, to me that makes more sense… And you can still get in the quarterback market next year.”

Gannon, who was a veteran MVP late in his career, is obviously going to stick up for Cassel and his support of Ponder is actually starting to become a trend. But the Vikings need a quarterback of the future and he’s not on the roster at the moment. That doesn’t mean taking a quarterback at No. 8 is foolish but it may not be the only move the Vikings have.

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