How to download YouTube videos

Admit it, there have been days where you just decided to sit at your computer, and browse YouTube endlessly looking at the most random videos you could find. Of course, if you ever want to watch those videos again, you’d have to remember what they were called, and search for them the next time you logged on. But what if you wanted to save some of those funny blooper videos to watch again without sitting through buffering and advertisements?

There are a number of free apps and programs that allow userse to download YouTube videos, but most require a software installation, are only available to certain videos or both. However, there is one program that allows you to download any video you want in just seconds without limits or an installation.

Meet Clip Converter, a free online program that not only allows users to download any YouTube video of their choice, but they can also convert them to a number of files to assist with compatibility. The use of the program is simply, just go to the website, enter the videos URL and either download it directly from the site or choose the file type you want the video converted to. You can chose to convert videos to other video formats, or even simply choose to grab the audio from the uploaded file.


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