Never lose your sunglasses again

If you’re like millions of other people, chances are you’ve lost a pair or two of sunglasses over the years. The worst part is, the pair you always seem to lose just so happens to be your favorite pair. Thankfully, the excellent people at Tzukuri want to end the loss of those shaded spectacles with the release of the iBeacon-powered shades.

These new sunglasses connect to your iPhone via built-in Bluetooth (look how far we’ve come as a society. Bluetooth connected sunglasses), and will send you alerts once your phone gets 16 feet away from the glasses. More updates will come at 32 feet and 50 feet, unless you inform the device that you aren’t wearing your glasses. And, if you happen to leave your phone lying around as you go to leave, the glasses will send an extra loud ping to your phone to remind you of its location. This feature can be turned off.

Tzukuri expects these glasses to go on sale to the public in December 2014. Users who want to get in on the action early can put down $50 now to be guaranteed a pair at the $250 price point. After release, the price is expected increase to $350.

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