Nov 3, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie looks on before the game between the Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders NFL Draft rumors: Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie admits possibility of a trade

With just one week until the 2014 NFL Draft, there are still a lot of possibilities floating around, especially in regards to teams trading up or down. One of the teams that has been at the forefront of this conversation is the Oakland Raiders, and on Thursday, general manager Reggie McKenzie gave a subtle hint as to whether or not the team truly is interested in making a deal.

The Raiders currently sit in the order for the draft with the fifth overall pick, and there have been a few teams that are in the back end of the draft that have expressed interest in adding some of the top prospects to their team. To do that, obviously, they would have to trade up and the Raiders are in one of the best positions to oblige such a request.

Given the signings of QB Matt Schaub and RB Maurice Jones-Drew this past offseason, the Raiders could pull the trigger on this and stockpile some picks for later on in the event to help build the franchise down the road.

Whether or not they do it remains to be seen, but McKenzie will certainly be open to listening.

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  • Chris Schroeder

    Of course he’s opened to the idea of draft trades. I’m pretty sure every GM’s phone will be open. To me that’s a no-brainer. As long as he stays within the top 10 I won’t flip my lid. If he trades with the 9ers for a hand full of scap pile picks I will throw my remote at the TV. Don’t make me break my 80″ TV Reggie.

    • Logan Kuehner

      Agree unless they give amazing picks which they probably won’t. I’d rather them trade back with in 15 and try to get Mike Evans or Brandin Cooks.

      • Chris Schroeder

        I envision a trade with the Buccaneers. That allows them to slide down to five and pick up Derek car or a quarterback in which they need, and The Raiders swoop up Mike Evans at number seven as well as acquire a late round draft pick. I would be okay with this scenario as long as Watkins wasn’t available at number five. I would hold firm should Wadkins be available. They definitely need one of those two guys at the top of their priority list IMO.

        • Logan Kuehner


  • caclark74

    Every year we see draft picks squandered on veteran duds and loose cannon rookies, while the dream of “a better team in a couple of years” turns to another broken record pipe dream while succumbing to another lackluster season. I need surprised for a change. All Raiders fans need surprised.