Bad News Barrett prepares the Monday Night Raw crowd for his latest version of Bad News.

Five Hot Points From WWE Monday Night RAW



WWE Monday Night RAW was exceptional on it’s last episode live from St. Louis, MO, prior to WWE Extreme Rules this Sunday, May 4th.  I will spare you of a full recap, but RAW started with an eerie tone brought to us courtesy of the Wyatt Family’s ringleader Bray Wyatt.  The way they incorporated a children’s choir was a nice touch, although the crowd was over it quickly chanting the “No, No, No” phrase by the once pessimistic Daniel Bryan.

I would like to comment on the five hot points I took away from RAW this past Monday:

WWE's The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt in the middle) over John Cena's body. Photo credit:

WWE’s The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt in the middle) over John Cena’s body.
Photo credit:

  1. Bray Wyatt vs John Cena has new life:  I knew Wrestlemania was just the start of a rivalry between the Cenation leader and Wyatt Family frontman. Personally, I really thought that WWE creative was going to have Cena lose to Wyatt at Wrestlemania, but obviously that did not happen.  They let their company man stand tall at the show of shows while giving Bray Wyatt more credibility.  This angle has got a good push from the recent episodes of RAW and at the end of their match at Extreme Rules I see Bray’s validity becoming official with a win over the face of the company.

    Star of Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past on WWE RAW. Photo Credit:

    Star of Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past on WWE RAW.
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  2. Dolph Ziggler and Hugh Jackman promo: Once I heard that Wolverine, I mean Hugh Jackman, was returning to WWE I immediately thought of Dolph Ziggler.  I even tweeted fellow FanSided writer David Miniel that the WWE should re-kindle this pairing.  If you don’t remember, the last time Jackman was in WWE he rocked Ziggler with a right jab and fractured his jaw.  This was back when Ziggler was in the height of his “heel” role that he so loves so WWE couldn’t have the recently, new baby face Ziggler give payback to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  Instead they went with a “corny” skit where the two embarrassed Damien Sandow who was dressed as “Magneto”.  The best part of this skit was when Jackman hip-tossed Sandow and then Ziggler followed it up with a ZigZag.

    Team Hell No: Kane grabs Daniel Bryan by the throat for an attempted Choke Slam.

    Team Hell No: Kane grabs Daniel Bryan by the throat for an attempted Choke Slam.

  3. Kane vs Daniel Bryan is believable: Finally.  Finally the WWE has brought back the sadistic, violent, hell-bent-on-rage version of Kane.  This was much needed but I didn’t expect it to come in this capacity.  I am happy to see that WWE has pulled the plug on the very “vanilla” Corporate Kane angle.  There is no sugar coating it – it was a failure.  At first I thought that this was an easy out for WWE to keep playing up the “Authority” gig but WWE creative has done very well.  When Kane decimated the hottest star in WWE two week ago it put a stamp of validation on this ensuing match up for Extreme Rules.  While I look forward to this match up I hope it doesn’t drag on for more than two pay per views.  At this stage in his career we know Kane is not going to be a WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  I almost forgot, Kane coming through the ring and going after Brie Bella was vintage-Kane and was good to see that brought back, even though Kane unsuccessfully dragged the new bride to hell.  Personally, I would have rather seen the Celtic Warrior Shaemus turn heel again to save his career and get some much needed steam back into his WWE career by taking on the “Yes” man.

    Seth Rollins, Dean Amrbose and Roman Reigns 'The Shield'. Photo credit:

    Seth Rollins, Dean Amrbose and Roman Reigns ‘The Shield’.
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  4. Evolution vs the Shield: This match has the classic feel of “Legends” versus “New School”.  The Shield consisting of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose entered the WWE as heel as heel can get.  Through a number of actions the crowd began to back them eventually turning them into a faction the crowd rallied behind.  Evolution is arguably one of the best factions of all time consisting of HHH, Randy Orton, and Batista.  This is one match I don’t know who to expect to win.  HHH is the businessman who says he will do what’s best for business, but would he even if that means bringing back his second most successful faction (D-Generation X is first of course) to lose? I have a feeling the dirtiest player in the game, the Nature Boy Ric Flair, will have something up his sleeve to help Evolution despite giving the Shield an endorsement Monday night.

  5. Bad News Barrett: It’s really good to see Wade Barrett climbing the ladder again to relevance in the WWE.  I am surprised it has taken as long as it has since his return.  Barrett was on top of the WWE at one point when he turned the company upside down his team of Nexus.  He reigned as WWE Champion for a long time as well and then started to fall from grace until he got injured during a match.  I really hope the WWE gives him another big push and that will start on Sunday when he defeats Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Title.

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