PlayStation wants to be developers' best friend

In an interview done recently with CVG, Sony’s Adam Boyles shared his vision for developers and the interaction with Playstation in the future.

Currently, both Apple’s App Store and Valve’s Steam platform are the easiest and most accessible platforms for developers to utilize.  Boyles share a vision where Sony enters that arena as well.  Currently the App Store requires zero approval for iOS publishing.  While it’s not clear if Sony would go this far, Boyles wants to push the envelope.


Boyles mentioned that Sony has now more than 1000 developers licensed to self-publish on Sony platforms.  Due to the PS4 accessibility made available to independent developers prior to the consoles release, as well as the system’s hardware, the console has thrived due to indie game success.

While some may argue that bringing in too many indie titles to the market may result in over saturation, it gives gamers the ability to have more choice.  Boyles wants the Playstation 4 to be more than a breeding ground for the next Call of Duty, going as far as coining independent developers “the heartbeat of the industry”.

As the system continues to grow, indie developers will also be able to more fully utilize it to its full capacity.


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